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Greetings! Since today marks the end of a wonderful week, I want to introduce a new type of update that I will be putting up regularly starting today. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you, Band Explosion Friday!

Or BEF for short. So, basically, once very Friday of the month, I’ll be introducing a band and some of my favorite songs by them, in the hopes of bringing you, my lovely (probably non-existent) readers, more music from the Alternative and Post-hardcore genre.

A great number of people judge this genre so much that it annoys me. Whenever some acquaintances of mine find out I listen to this kind of music, they automatically assume I have hidden tattoos or body piercings. Giving me a reason to hate society once more. I’m kidding! ;)

So, hopefully, through this little segment, I’ll be able to open a few number of people’s minds into the beautiful music bands under Alternative, Rock, and Post-hardcore can make.

So, for this week’s Band, I chose *drumrolls* Secondhand Serenade! :)

Thanks to Wikipedia, here’s a little info about the band. I didn’t bother to pretend I know everything about them, since personally, I listen to the band’s music rather than trying to memorize everything about them and brag about it over the internet (oops).

“Secondhand Serenade is an acoustic rock band, led by vocalist, pianist and guitarist John Vesely. Vesely has released three studio albums to date under the name Secondhand Serenade: Awake in 2007, A Twist in My Story in 2008 and Hear Me Now in 2010. The debut album used multitrack recording to create the sound of a band using technology, while the second album took a different path, using a proper band and synthesizers to establish a more accomplished sound.”

Here’s the band logo that I was supposed to draw but procrastinated a lot and ended up just looking it up on Google:

Here are my Top 5 songs by the band:
1.    Fall For You (this goes way back in my elementary days)
2.    Maybe (I recently found out about this song and I definitely love it)
3.    Why (Quite the emotional one, but I enjoyed the Piano part)
4.    Like a Knife (My bestfriend’s personal favorite which I have come to love)
5.    Tonight

Secondhand Serenade is probably one of the first ever bands I listened to. I first heard about them when I came across a song of theirs on my best friend’s phone. Coincidentally, I was facing a young tween crush dilemma that time and the song fit my situation so much; being the 11 year old who thought that experiencing the pain of love meant not being noticed by my crush.

I’m moving on because that last sentence gave me cringe attacks. Anyways, I don’t really know all of the songs by Secondhand, since I only listen to a few selected. It’s not one of my favorite bands, but their vocalist is amazing and I love how it’s acoustic rock.

Alright, that’s about it. I hope you like this week’s BEF, and I’ll see you soon! :)
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