Dates, Stake Sems, and Book Hauls!

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As soon as I got home yesterday, I really wanted to grab my laptop and blog about my amazing day, but I was dead tired and my eyelids betrayed me. So, I woke up (not-so) extra early today to write! First of all, belated Happy Birthday to a British curly cupcake (the next post is dedicated to him)!

Alright, so yesterday, me, my mom, and my sister went to the mall and had a little Mother-Daughters Day. Generally, I just really needed to buy some materials for school, but then we ended up having a mini book haul with my mom and then eating out at Pizza Hut right after. And yes, you’ve read it right; I did a mini book haul yesterday!

All the books I’ve bought were really cheap thanks to Book Sale and their awesome crew for allowing me to sit on the floor and dig, literally dig on the shelves. Although, the negative side of this is that the covers aren’t exactly brand new. A few were slightly damaged, so I bought some wrapping paper and will wrap them up a little later. Thus, I will not be posting the photos of the books just yet.

Also, last night I attended our Stake Seminary! It was really fun and I made new found friends. Hopefully, I’ll see those faces at Youth Conference, which I’m really excited about! (Want to learn more? Visit or

And that’s it! I’m sorry I don’t have photos from yesterday; I honestly thought we were just going to buy school supplies. Haha. Anyways, since yesterday wasn’t much of a book haul, I’ll be doing another huge one by the end of February, hopefully. See you guys soon and I hope you guys had a great weekend too! J

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