2014 Summer Reading List!

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It's only a few days before summer starts (and school ends), so I finally got myself to create my 2014 Reading List! =D My goal this year is to finish 105 books, and I'm making good progress. So a list might help (or not).

For now I'll give 10 possible books/series that I'm planning to read, but of course a lot will be added soon enough. And if you guys have any suggestions on some good books I'm missing on, please tell me in the comments below! =D

  • Artemis Fowl Series (I've been told it's an amazing read for the summer since it's a long series)
  • Ender's Game (Ever since I've watched the movie I'd been wanting to read the book & comic)
  • The Hobbit (Desolation of Smaug baffled me. Talk about cliffhangers! Currently reading this book)
  • Lexicon (A lot of my internet friends from other blogs keep posting reviews on this, and it seems wonderful)
  • Vampire Academy Series (I decided to give Vampire novels a try for a change)
  • Sherlock Holmes (Not sure which one, but the TV Series made me extremely happy. Hahahaha)
  • Let it Snow (A compilation of Christmas love stories interconnected. I was going to read this for Christmas, but never got the time)
  • An Abundance of Katherines (The only John Green novel I haven't read yet)
  • Marvel Comics (I've never really been a big fan of comics, but I love Marvel movies! So, I guess it's definitely worth the try)
  • Lord of The Rings Trilogy (After The Hobbit, this will definitely come next)
I still need a lot of books, so please let me know if I'm missing out on amazing stories out there! =D

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24 March 2014 at 06:23 delete

Ooh! Awesome goal! :)
Loved the LOTR trilogy and the Hobbit. They're awesome books. And Marvel's comics are pure geniusness.
I don't know if you've read any of these, but I would definitely recommend them. They're some of my favourites. :)
- Mara, Daughter of the Nile by Eloise McGraw
- (Classic book trilogy here :) ) The Emily Trilogy by L.M. Montgomery.
- The Maze Runner Trilogy by James Dashner
- The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks
- The Book Thief by Marcus Zusak
- Life of Pi by Yann Martel
Hope that helps!! :)

28 March 2014 at 23:09 delete

I've read Nicholas Sparks' The Last Song and watched the movie last year and it seriously brought me to tears =) So far the last three books are the only ones I'm familiar with in your list, but not for long, I hope! They all seem interesting and I'll definitely scout bookstores for them soon!

This is the second time The Book Thief was recommended to me, so it'll definitely be my next read after the LoTR trilogy and the Hobbit.

Good thing now I don't need to go all "so many books, so little time." since summer's here! =D

Thank you so much for the recommendations! =)))


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