Shall I Falter or Shall I Finish?

Tuesday, March 18, 2014 0 Comments A+ a-

I have been missing weeks of blogging. Final exams are finally over and now we're just working our clearance sheets, so my reason for not writing can't be because of school. My absence is plainly because I've been in deep thought. Somehow like an existential crisis. I've done so many mistakes that I feel so unworthy of anything from anyone. Which is why I went for a little bit of solitary confinement and writing abandonment.

But now I'm back! I haven't figured out how exactly I'm going to make my wrongdoings become right, but I just know that I will. I prayed and repented to my Heavenly Father, and soon will confront the people I've hurt. The mistakes I've made are pretty private and not something I'm very proud of, so I won't exactly share them. But, I would like to share that to those experiencing the same thing I was, it is never too late to change.

I guess that was my first mistake, I thought I could never be forgiven. Through church magazines, scriptures, and prayer, I now understand that it is never too late. In fact, by thinking that you can no longer change, you put yourself deeper into the sin.

This definitely came as a very hard trial for me, but I was able to find strength to ask Heavenly Father for forgiveness no matter how dirty I thought I was. Although I haven't been completely cleansed yet since I have yet some things I need to correct, I feel better now.

A song I'd really love to share is Russ Dixon's "You Can Change" that can be downloaded at

It helps me understand repentance so much and I hope it would help you, too. This is unusual since most of my posts are all happy and less melodramatic and life-related, but I don't regret posting this. I love my Savior, Jesus Christ and my Heavenly Father above.

Trials may come, but I will overcome them. I shall finish, not falter.

The Sempiternal Reader,

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