We are like Young Volcanoes ~

Friday, March 28, 2014 0 Comments A+ a-

Hey guys! To those who are living in the Philippines, let’s cheers for summer has started! =D

Last night, while I was doing my daily(ish) journal logging, I found a little list I created a few months ago amongst the things (mostly junk) on my desk drawer. It was my 2014 Summer Bucketlist.

I found it funny how I had planned to do so much, but haven’t done anything now that summer is here. For one, ever since school ended, my life has been revolving around watching movies, eating, reading, and sleeping. And I’m pretty sure I only leave my bed to pee. Thankfully, I’m still in shape. “A shape of a marshmallow, maybe.” My mom always adds.

My laziness is basically the reason of my huge blogging break and the disappointment of my readers over at Wattpad. I have an ongoing story at the moment and I stopped updating it, not because I lost hope on it, but because I couldn’t seem to push myself to write again. I’m convinced it isn’t writer’s block. It’s just me being lazy.

Fortunately, we’re heading to our grandparents’ home in Nueva Ecija next week and there, hopefully, I’d be able to work on my bucketlist and do more productive things. Well, atleast much more productive than watching movies and tv shows all day.

Well, that’s pretty much it. I just wanted to share my disappointment to all of you. Hahaha. Hopefully I’d be able to post travelogues soon since my mom’s planning a lot of trips for our family.

Have a happy summer, my friends! =D

Any of you awesome guys watched Captain America yet? =D
How was it? Please tell me I’m not the only one extremely
amazed by it! =))

Oh yeah, and about the post title! It’s from an awesome song
by Fall Out Boy called Young Volcanoes and it’s a really summer-y
teenage-ry and fun song. =D

The Sempiternal Reader,


a 19 year old girl who firmly believes in the power and joy of writing and that the owl carrying her Hogwarts letter simply got lost.

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