A Very Lucky Friday the 13th

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Let's cut it straight to the point because I am (seriously) procrastinating at life right now since I kinda have a script and a few other school stuff to work on. Okay, surprisingly, friday the 13th went extremely well for me. Not that I believe it truly holds  bad luck, but hey, I didn't believe it gave good luck as well. I actually thought of writing a poem to sum up this day, but I lack the creativity at the moment (not to mention time) and I was scared that if I try to procrastinate the day I write this, I'll start forgetting the whole thing.

This week has been really sucky. My monday was an absolute catastrophe, forgetting my house keys and all, the rest of the week didn't go well too. Thursday, the day before the 13th, I wasn't able to go to school because I literally felt like crap. I had so much to do the night before that and I pulled an all-nighter, thinking I could handle it. Yes, well, I couldn't. It was such a crappy week and I seriously had to drag myself out of bed just to go to school. A great start, sarcastically speaking.

But, hey, things started to turn around as we surprised our former adviser with a song, a cake, and chocolates. Tear-jerker moment. I had this little reunion with all my classmates last school year which was awesome. I missed them a lot.

Remember how I told you we're having prom? Yes, well, of course it's the season for promposals (prom date proposals, just in case it ain't uhh.. obvious). I am completely unsure if I'm going to tell you what happened, but yeah, a guy asked me to prom. And not just some guy. He's the guy I've been crushing on for quite a long time and wow talk about a moment of bliss. He devised this pretty plan and well, to cut things short, he ended up having the most important people in my life (in school, ofcourse) hold out letters that spell out "Will you be my prom date?" while he played the violin.

check out my 3rd grade editing skillz yo
ignore the height difference

so screwed if any of my schoolmates/friends see this

um he gave me these

I was exploding inside. I said yes (who wouldn't??), and I'm not so comfortable sharing it here, but it made me the happiest person alive. It was literally the best ending to the crappiest week. And well, this basically explains the photo I used at the top of this post. It's just so insane and I still couldn't believe it actually happened. As cheesy at it sounds, my crush asked me to prom and heck, I don't know how to fully express how happy I am (the struggle to restrain myself from using all caps is real).

talk about aesthetics

P.S. Advanced Happy Valentine's Day, lovely internet people! =)


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