Visiting the Pinto Art Museum in Antipolo

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((Been working on this post for 2 months and today I've decided to hell with it, I'll just post whatever I've finished before I decide to completely rid the world of this post))

I've been spending a lot of time outside and no, it's not because I'm out partying or going on cool outdoor adventures. It's because I'm studying for college entrance tests in several review centers. I have classes every other day and I'm mostly doing homework in between, so I literally have no time for anything else.

Thankfully, last April 28th was a holiday! My mom, my sister, and I decided to go to the Pinto Museum in Antipolo.
I know jack shit about writing about adventures and travels [and art], mainly because I rarely do it. In fact, I'm pretty sure this is the first ever blog post where I write about going outside and doing something cool. But I hope it turns out okay. Aight, eto na, start na talaga.

The Pinto Art Museum is home to paintings, sculptures, and other art installations of various local artists such as Antonio LeaƱo, Mark Justiniani, and Stephanie Lopez to name a few. They weren't Van Gogh famous, but their art, in my opinion, should be.

The drive wasn't too bad. It took us roughly an hour to get there, despite some traffic. We were charged P20 for car fee at the entrance of the Grand Heights Subdivision, and then the entrance to the museum itself cost a total of P400 - 2 students (P100/ea as long as you bring your school ID!) and 1 adult (P200).

Okay, before everything else, I am not a photographer, I am honestly the absolute worst at taking photos. But I want to share some of my favorite pieces from the museum, so I'm apologizing in advance for the ugly photos. I know they can never, ever compare to seeing the actual thing, but I hope these photos will convince you to pay a visit as well (because as I've said so many times, it was freaking wonderful).

We were given a map of the place, and I was overwhelmed because I honestly did not know it was that big. I expected it to be a one building kind of thing, but I was in for a huge shock. The entire lot houses 6 galleries, a small chapel, two small restaurants (I feel like cafe is a better term, but it is a restaurant), and a lot of greenery.

The map outlines a route that you could take to be able to walk around the entire place efficiently, but me and my sister got way too excited and we completely ignored the route, only using the map to know where we were and where we can go to next.

It took us roughly two hours to walk through all the galleries. There was so much art, and although I wasn't a fan of all of them (I doubt anyone can be - everyone's tastes differ, right?), there were so many that I just completely adored. I would never be able to show you all of them, but here are some of my favorite pieces;

The place isn't just for art enthusiasts, I feel like it's also a place for people who love nature and scenery. The terrain itself is art. There are a lot of stairs and a lot of walking, but all that sweat pays off because the scenery is, if not perfect, then quite close to being so.

There's a lot of walking around, and I guarantee that once you've been through all of the galleries, you'll be looking for food. Well, look no more. The place has 2 restaurants inside! They're basically the same, Cafe Rizal, run by Peppermill. It's a bit price-y, but let me tell you first hand that it's worth it (or maybe it was just because I was so hungy? Haha).

We ordered Santorini pasta (which I highly recommend - this was the best pasta I've had this year and that says a lot), Bourbon BBQ Pizza (which was also very tasty, but would not recommend that you order it with the Santorini pasta :< we realized this too late), and then we got different drinks. My mom got a Kiwi shake, my sister got a Watermelon shake, and I got a virgin lychee mojito (best. thing. in. the. world.).

Everything about the place was art in itself; the galleries, the compositions beside the paintings/art installations (which I may have just enjoyed a bit more than the pieces themselves :P), the terrain, the food. Maybe it's because I haven't been outside much since Summer began, but this was by far the best summer destination I've been to.

Syempre I'm going to end my post with a shitty panorama to top off my ridiculous photography skillz.


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