Summer 2016 Bucket List

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In my previous blog post I mentioned that this year I really want to make my summer memorable. For weeks I've been trying to plan out the things I want to do and wondering about the things I could or should do. So, last night, at  12 midnight, I decided to create a summer bucketlist.

To those who've been around for quite a while, you'll know I'm not a bucket list kind of person,  mainly because I've never been able to finish everything that's on the list every time I make one. Also, most of the time when I look up inspirations for bucket lists online, the stuff they put there are really hard and require a lot of money.

But I really want to make this summer one for the books, so I was up all night yesterday scouring the internet and curating the ultimate (and definitely do-able) summer bucket list!

Fair warning, contents of this bucket list are fairly simple tasks that are 99.9% do-able, so some might not like it because of how chill and less outdoor adventure-y it is, but hey I'm a worm who likes sleeping in everyday and spending hours watching TV shows, this bucket list is a big thing for me.

Soooo here we go!

2016 Summer Bucket List

  • Write a letter to your younger self, spray perfume on it, seal it, and send it to your own address.

  • Create a Vision Board or a Mood Board. Use all the resources you have. Go crazy with Sharpies and brush pens.

  • Be the most organized person you know for an entire week. Plan out a week in such detail that you'll know what you'll be doing every hour of the day.

  • Sketch your journal logs every day for a week. Minimal writing, more drawing, Who cares if it's ugly?

  • Wake up at 6:30 AM everyday for a week and go out for a walk.

  • Meditate for 5 minutes a day for a week. Don't worry about how you do it. you can relax, you can colour, you can listen to music, you can color. Whatever works for you.

  • Create a short 10-page ebook and share it to the world (or friends)!

  • Run every morning for a week. Put some loud music while you run. No need for gyms here.

  • Buy a canvas and create your master piece. Abstract, realistic, oil, watercolor, whatever!

  • Create a hand lettered piece, vectorize it, and share it to the world!

  • Read a book a day for a week.

  • Bike around your local area with someone special (or y'know in this case, just friends).

  • Learn how to juggle. This one I probably won't even be able to cross out of this list.

  • Commit to 24 hour silence. Also, to add a twist, make this day phone-free, internet-free, gadget-free.

  • Eat at a Michelin star restaurant (okay, fine this requires a good amount of money, but hey it's a thing to do with your family!).

  • Watch the sunset at a beach (optional: write about it).

  • Create a youtube video (okay I had a youtube channel before, but I stopped creating content and I remember how fun it was to make all those videos, so I want to keep doing it!)

  • Stay awake for 24 hours (here's something I'm good at).

  • Make a don't-do list. Write down the things you wasted time doing during 2015 and vow never to do them again.

  • Put down your iPad and buy a newspaper everyday for a week.

  • Have an all-day, guilt-free Netflix marathon (this is by far my absolute favorite part of the bucket list).

  • Take a picture every day for this summer and then print them out before school starts or make a video compiling all of them.

  • Volunteer. At a shelter, an orphanage, a hospital, anywhere. Just volunteer.

  • Go thrifting and have a photoshoot with friends.

  • Do something with my room!

  • Finish one of my work in progress novels.

  • This list would not be complete without a roadtrip!

And that's about it! I know it's pretty short and some of it are just so easy to do, but most of these things are new to me, so forgive this worm. Anyway, I'll link all of the sites I got inspirations from and some of the tasks from at the bottom of this post. What about you, what are the things included in your summer bucket list this year? Or just your 2016 bucket list in general? Share 'em down in the comments and let's chat!


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