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Hi guys! I gave the place a huge makeover since I was tired of studying and decided to go do something not school-related. Because if I do, I think my head will explode, no kidding. Classes are extra hard these times since we're trying to chase project deadlines and also deal with stressed out teachers who's probably had enough of us already.

Summer, oh dear Summer, where art thou?

I'm definitely craving Summer, not just because of the currently cold weather, but also because I just want school to end! And hopefully I could finally, finally get some time to just write and read. No, not essays and homeworks, but stories and books that have been put on hold.

Well, anyways, watch out for this week's Band Explosion Friday because it's going to be totally awesome! :D Let's all hope you and I will make it past this week. Oh and hey the MAYDAY PARADE CONCERT IS NEARING! I need a huge break from all this school stuff and just release some fangirl hormones! ;)

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I know what you mean about wanting time to want to read books and write! I swear, I've been trying to read The Book Thief for about a month and a half now. And at least two of the stories I've been writing are desperately in need of an update. Ugh. :P Definitely looking forward to summer.


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