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Okay, so I'm just gonna put it out there straight and say that this week was one of my worsts. It started last Sunday, when I felt unfocused and all bubbly inside because of a boy (I'm so stereotypical sometimes it worries me). Then I woke up on Monday feeling dizzy, so I stayed home. Which was a bad idea because I missed a double-period Math, two quizzes, and an activity. Tuesday was extremely hectic since I had to catch up with everything. And unfortunately, severe headaches knocked me down last Wednesday, causing me to stay home again. I had to catch up with everything on Thursday again.

But, I've been coping, through one of my favorite All Time Low songs called "Weightless". It's an awesome song and the music video is amazing! Check it out by clicking the photo below.

It totally pumps me up and reminds me of my 2014 goals. Anyways, summer is less than two months away! I'm psyched to finally focus on learning the Bass Guitar and Piano. Also, to get my time to read more books!

That's it for now. I'm posting a book review of one of my favorite teen fic book soon, so watch out for that! :)

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20 February 2014 at 06:28 delete

Wow what a rough week! But I would agree that music can work wonders when it comes to lifting a girl's mood. Good luck learning the bass and piano!
-Riley XO

22 February 2014 at 05:59 delete

I love All Time Low! And it's so cool that you're learning to play bass and piano.. I'd love to be able to do that :)


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