Book Hauls, Cupcakes, and Ice Cream!

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I know the day hasn’t ended yet, but I wanted to blog about all the fun me, my mom, and my sister had as soon as I got home! We had yet another long-awaited mother-daughter(s) date!

First, me and my sister went off to another book haul while mom had a doctor’s appointment, the list of books I got all in all will be in a separate post (when it’ll be posted depends entirely on my messed up schedules). But I couldn’t resist and now I’m spilling two awesome babies I got from today’s book haul: It’s both related to two of my favorite things; the Simpsons and David Archuleta! Reviews and such will be up soon! :D

Then, after buying the medicine the doctor prescribed to my mom (no worries, she isn’t sick) and stuffing ourselves with Burger King’s Junior Whoppers, we went for a drive to U.P. Town Center and walked around the place since none of us have ever been there before considering it’s quite new.

After contemplating with one another, we decided to eat at this really cute place called Vanilla Cupcake Bakery. It reminded me of one of my closest friends, Sophia, since she was a total tumblr girl and I knew she would just love this cute little place. I took this photo from (I hope she doesn’t mind :<) since I didn’t want to go around taking photos a while ago (I’m just really lazy).

My mom treated me and Ella (my sis) a cupcake each. I got a Salted Caramel Cheesecake, Ella got Red Velvet Cheesecake, and my mom got herself a New York Cheesecake. If you’re wondering why we all bought cheesecakes, it’s because mom isn’t allowed to eat chocolate for a while. She says we’ll definitely go back there when she’s all good. There were loads of cupcakes to choose from, mind you!

After that delicious dessert, my mom suggested we head to FamilyMart for this must-have twirl-all-you-can ice cream. I was really stuffed, so Ella tried it, and deliberately failed with twirling her ice cream. Hahaha! Here’s a photo we took before leaving the place. It’s Ella’s failed ice cream attempt and my take home cupcake (how can you not take it home?). The photo was taken at the parking lot and the quality is terrible, I'm so sorry. 

This day was amazing and definitely what I really needed to get my head cleared for our final exams next week! Hope you guys had a great weekend too! :D

I’ve never met a problem a cupcake couldn’t fix!” ~

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