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Hey guys! I was going around the blogoverse yesterday in search of good blogs to follow and spend time in, and I found a really cool blog post idea down at Weaving Pages by one of my awesome blogger idols, Rita. Every month she has this segment called “Book Boyfriends” and basically she would give a book character (male, obviously) and ask around why they would be the perfect boyfriend. It was really fun to read and I have this fetish for watching people fangirl.

Anyway, today I had the idea of adapting the idea (what?). But, I’ll make a slight change. Instead of doing it every week and asking around, I’ll be sharing my Top 5 Book Boyfriends, Why, and A Favorite Photo of Them (It could be your own face claim of what he would look like, a fan art, or the actual actor if the book has a movie adaptation). After that, I’ll be tagging people to post the same kind of thing and then they’ll tag people too and so on and so forth. However, if the tagged people are not interested or they don’t want to do it, that’s absolutely fine. :) I won’t bother putting rules and such since I just want this to be fun.

Let’s begin! These book boyfriends aren’t exactly in any particular order, but among the numerous male characters I’ve met, they stood out the most and they are what I’d proudly call my book boyfriends. Note that this is a very hard thing for me to do.

(WARNING: Book Spoilers)

1. Draco Malfoy
I am about 99.9% sure that all the Potterheads had this little thing for this blonde Slytherin badass (by badass, I meant daddy’s boy). If you’re that 0.1% who didn’t experience this, I don’t know how you were able to do it. Anyway, Draco is on the list because I like to think that he did all of those work for the Dark Lord because he was afraid. He wasn’t a villain, he was a victim. I don't condone any of the bad things he's done, but I know he had no choice.

Even in the darkest times for Draco's character, we're still hinted with the idea that he isn't a bad person; when presented with the chance to finally kill Dumbledore with his own wand, Draco couldn't do it. This was seen as an act of cowardice, but to me, personally, it's the bit of light, of goodness possibly, that's left in him after everything he's been through.

 He's just a boy, after all.

Anyway, here’s my favorite photo of Draco/Tom Felton;

2. Luke Castellan
How can you not put him in here? This guy can fight off bad guys (even if he is one), look awesome with that scar of his, and he’s the son of the messenger god (even if he has daddy issues). Basing on the Percy Jackson Series, this guy’s really focused on what he wants. He wants it, he tries everything to get it. Imagine him wanting a ‘yes’ from you. Cheeky.

I personally think Jake Abel is the perfect Luke (except they forgot his scar :( )

3. Artemis Fowl
Oh, come on, he’s a genius! Others find him creepy and vampiric (pale and skinny, minus the blood drinking), but I find his wit and thinking abilities really amazing. He's living proof that brains are just as strong as brawns in all contexts. Although he can always ask help from Butler when he needs brawns.

I didn’t really like how they illustrated Artemis in the graphic novels, it’s good, but it’s not how I pictured him, so I’ll use the cover for the first book since it’s the most accurate for me.

4. Leo Valdez
Son of Hephaestus, fire bender, and tinker. This guy has the sense of humor that can sweep girls off their feet and he’s a genius when it comes to building things. To top it all off, he has a heart of gold. This boy must be protected at all costs.

Here’s my fave fanart of Leo. Credits to the rightful owner.

5. Minho from the Maze Runner
I'm currently reading Death Cure, the third book in the Maze Runner Series, and boy am I in love with the Keeper of the Runners. Ever since the first book, I've developed a major crush on this character. He's armed with stealth, smarts, and witty comebacks. The dull moments in the book are revived by this boy. He's a fighter, a runner, a Glader, and a leader.

Ki Hong Lee happens to be the perfect Minho;

Alright, that’s it for my top 5! Anyway, for the people I'll be tagging, I'm tagging YOU! Yes, you!  If you’re doing this, comment a link to your blog post and I’d read it in a jiffy. :D

I swear this isn't sugar rush anymore. I'm really really excited for the release of Percy Jackson: Greek Myths AND the Maze Runner movie! I've been scouring the internet for days now trying to find stills and more info and edits and ajagshdkgf

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Ahh! This is such a great idea!! :) I have a list of my favourite guy characters in books but I never thought of compiling them like this.
I did it on my blog for my alphabet soup challenge. :)


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