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This post is a few days late (being the punctual person that I am.) But I decided to do it anyways. So, yeah, I got nominated for the Liebester Award! Whoop! whoop! Special thanks to Sarah from A Glimpse of Blue for nominating me! That came out really unexpected, but my gratitude is beyond measure. :)

Also, I'm fairly new to these kinds of things, so please forgive me if I get anything wrong. :D

Rules that I solemnly swear to follow:
1. Link the blogger that nominated you
2. Answer the 11 questions they have written for you
3. Give 11 random facts about yourself
4. Nominate other bloggers with under 200 followers who you think deserve the award
5. Post 11 questions for your nominees

Questions from Sarah:

- If money wasn't an object, what would you do?
Probably create a library of some sort that contains all of my special picks and make it open to the public. I seriously love recommending good books to people and finding out their reactions after reading. Books are one of the most amazing ways to connect people. :)

- What is your favourite book and why?
Usually when people ask me this, I go on full rage mode and explain how hard it is to answer this. There's simply too many! But since I'm going to have to choose one anyways, I'm gonna go with the one that really made a great impact on me, which is "Paper Towns" by John Green. It's funny and inspiring at the same time. I learned a lot of wise words in this book. I'll stop here to avoid a really long and quite emotional breakdown about the book. :)

- If you could spend the day with anyone (has to be a real person) throughout all of history, what would you do and what would you talk about?
Forgive me for such cliche answers, but I'd like to spend the day with Ringo Starr. I got hooked to the Beatles a few weeks ago, thanks to my new friends who kept passing their songs to me. The Beatles' rise to fame is astonishing, really. They were a worldwide sensation. Everybody knew them, even until now. Anyway, I'd probably spend the day with Ringo watching different concerts, showing him how much music has changed over the years. Then I'd probably go all interviewer mode and ask him about his life or so.

- Sweet or savoury?
Sweet. I don't have a sweet tooth, I have SWEET TEETH. I currently take the shape of a small marshmallow because of this.

- What five songs would be on the soundtrack to your life?
> "Weightless" by All Time Low
> "Young Volcanoes" by Fall Out Boy
> "I am His Daughter" by Russ Dixon
> "Hey Jude" by the Beatles
> "That Girl" by All Time Low

- (I'm stealing Freya's here ^^) Why did you start blogging?
I started blogging because I wanted a place where I could put my thoughts and share them to people who might just feel the same. Also, my relatives found these really big journals I used to write in, and they suggested that I create an online blog to practice my writing skills and to interact with people sharing the same interest. It's been about 6 months since I started blogging, and well it's been great. :)

- If you could be invisible for one day, what would you do?
Go to the people who helped me in the past, but I never got to thank or was too scared to. I'd do simple and quiet acts of kindness for them. I'd also possibly sneak into movie theaters and watch movies for free. Hahahaha

- What is your favourite thing to do with friends?
Watching movies. My friends and I have different movie tastes (don't mind that made up term haha). But we all like movies in general, so basically once a movie comes out and one of my friends like it or tells us that it's worth watching, we'd watch it all together. We watched The Fault in Our Stars just last week and the boys CRIED. Yepp, they CRIED. We're watching 22 Jump Street this weekend, and I'm really excited! :D

- Most embarrassing childhood moment?
When I was in 1st Grade, I needed to poo so badly, but we were in class. So, I had to hold it in for a full hour. After that, I silently went to my teacher and told her my situation. We had this small bathroom inside our room and she told me to go ahead and do my business. So, I did. The relief was amazing, guys. But then I looked around and found no tissue. Also no soap. Let alone a bucket of water. The sink was a bit far and I was small so I couldn't reach it. So, being the little genius that I was (see the sarcasm?), I stayed there, sitting on the toilet, inhaling the beautiful smell of my own creation. After about forever, several knocks came to the door and I was too scared to speak. So, the teacher must have called our maintenance guy, because the door suddenly unlocked and a pair of about 20 1st Graders plus my teacher stared at me, sitting on the toilet.

I was scarred for life.

- If you could live in any fictional universe, what would it be and why?
The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I love the Wizarding World. It's amazing and I'd give anything to live in that universe. Who wouldn't say no to Hogwarts? A trip to Hogsmeade? Honeydukes? This place is simply so beautiful. I mean, a place with flying broomsticks, pigmypuffs, potion making, wands, magic, and a lot more? Despite all of the dangers, I'd still choose this place over the others.

- Fashion or comfort?
Definitely comfort. I was never one to choose looking good and standing out over being comfortable with what I'm wearing. Plus I'm pretty sure it's possible to be comfortable and fashionable at the same time. :)

11 Random Facts:
1. I am honestly too short for my age.
2. I have a thing for potatoes, they're my absolute favorite vegetable.
3. I feel quite the same about tomatoes.
4. My childhood dream? Nope, it ain't Disneyland. It's The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando plus Draco Malfoy's wand (not THAT wand you evil, evil person!)
5. I name all of my possessions.
6. My phone's name is Bob and my netbook's name is Eli.
7. I hate carnivals. My first trip to one didn't go so well.
8. I still have "Call Me Maybe" on my phone. It used to be my ringtone.
9. Andrea is my second name. I don't really like people calling me by my first name.
10. I prefer DC's animated movies over Marvel's, but I gotta admit, Marvel nailed the CGI movies.
11. My second favorite number is 11. :D

My Nominees:
Kiyara from Normalien World
Ali from Aliology
Mika from Chasing The Dreamer

My Questions:
- (I'm re-using this too!) Why did you start blogging?
- One song that can make a bad day turn into a good one in an instant?
- If you were stuck in an empty room for a week and can only bring one person and one book, who and what would you pick and why?
- If you wake up one day with superpowers, would you use them for good or for bad?
- Favorite work by William Shakespeare? Or if not by Shakespeare, any classical work that made a great impact on you?
- FanFictions: Yes or No?
- If you could conduct a great battle between two fictional characters from different universes, who would you choose and why?
- Who are your favorite Marvel and DC superheroes?
- What is your earliest childhood memory?
- If you could re-name yourself, what would your new name be and why?
- Who is your all-time favorite villain?

a 19 year old girl who firmly believes in the power and joy of writing and that the owl carrying her Hogwarts letter simply got lost.


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