Rediscovering the World of Caped Crusaders

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The past few weeks have been quite hectic with the start of school and such, so I decided to find something useful (not exactly) and enjoyable to do on weekends to kind of reward myself for getting through another week. As if watching movies, eating, reading and being in bed all day isn't enough of a reward. Anyway, my most recent form of entertainment is... Entering the universe of caped crusaders and superheroes!

I am so very unsure if this is from DC's New 52, but hey this. is. stunning. Focuses on the under appreciated (well in my opinion, anw) members of JLA. 

I haven't picked up a comic book in the longest time. I couldn't even remember the last time I read or watched something about superheroes. My dad had a bunch of these DC and Marvel animated movies that I never really took time to watch, but last week my brother decided to watch one and I had nothing to do, so I watched with him. And man, was my mind blown. Not in the literal sense. We watched “Flashpoint Paradox” and I was simply amazed. The storyline had such unexpected twists and turns. It rekindled my once budding interest for superheroes, villains, and all their back stories.

Soon after that, I got interested in watching more, so I spent last weekend just binge watching all the animated movies we had. Currently, I’m done with Batman’s Son, Crisis on Two Earths, Green Lantern: The First Flight, and a few more I’m too lazy to try and remember. I also read some comic books my dad owned, like the DC & Marvel collab; The Monster and the Madman.

Most of my dad's comic books were old, the aforementioned The Monster and the Madman, which I initially thought was called Batman  vs. the Hulk because of the cover, was released way back in 1981. I own a few recent comic books from the reboot, the New 52, and it's pretty cool to see changes and development in the art styles and storytelling.

Adding to the new craze I was getting into, my mom arrived home last Thursday with new books! One of those is Comic Books 101 by Chris Ryall and Scott Tipton. My mom has the best timing ever! I haven’t finished the book yet, but hopefully this weekend I will. So far it’s been really helpful, being a “complete, definitive, and super-cool guide” for someone who knows so little. It includes the history of comic books which I guess sounds boring to some, but it's actually really exciting once you get to know it better. The book also contains DC and Marvel superhero back stories, which really helped a lot. It’s definitely a super-cool read for newbies and comicphiles alike. :)

Here comes the real question:

DC or Marvel?

Both! I will be honest and say that DC has better animated movies and back stories, but Marvel basically dominated the cinematic universe. Come on, they have Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man! AND if I'm not mistaken, Channing "amazeballs" Tatum is playing Gambit in the character's own movie!

Anyway, it’s quite noticeable that I watch and read more DC than Marvel, but I’m definitely one Marvel movie go-er (I am still not over the awesome-ness of the recent X-men movie)! I’m currently exposed to more DC right now, but I want to learn more about Marvel heroes too. The reason I started getting so interested in these is because I was so intrigued about everybody’s back stories. Hey, I never knew Clark Kent once dated a mermaid! These superheroes made by the amazing imagination and creativity of super-talented creators have histories. They didn’t just appear out of nowhere and that’s what I love about them! I find all of their stories amazing, before and after their transformation from zero to hero, or from hero to villain (*cough* Green Lantern *cough*)! The fans and the creators brought life to these characters and that’s amazing.

Call me a nerd or whatever you want to, but trust me, once you enter this universe, it takes a while for you to get back to reality. My friend who’s a long time comicphile is letting me borrow new comic books and animated movies, so I’m really excited to get my hands on ‘em pretty soon!

So yeah, that’s pretty much all I wanted to blog about all week. I hope you guys got something interesting even just a wee bit from this random post. ‘Til next time you lovely person! :)

I wanna ask you! DC or Marvel? Why? Who are your favorite heroes and villains? Share it down the comments below and together we shall.. um.. talk about them. Hahaha. See you guys again soon! :D

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Rhiannon Mair
20 June 2014 at 04:43 delete

I'm definitely a Marvel! Spiderman and The Hulk are probably my favourite comic superheroes. My dad borrowed some Hulk comic books from the library for me last year, and I found them really really cool!
And villains... Probably The Gargoyle or Deadshot (although he's a DC).
I haven't really given DC a chance, though. One of my friends likes Batman (she's watched practically every Batman film available) and has told me for years that I need to look into it more, which I will do... one day...


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