Glancing at Your Wrists

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I don’t know how to start this, so I’ll just go super straight to my point: Regardless of how heavy your problems are getting, cutting isn’t always the answer. In fact, it never is.

I was dying inside last night when one of my closest friends told me she wanted to cut again. She did it multiple times before, but with the help of our other friends, thankfully, she stopped. Last night, she told me she was having a lot of family problems and her boyfriend broke up with her a few days ago. She said it was too much for her to handle. Then she started telling me how she should’ve never been born and that everything about her was a mistake. I tried to contradict everything she was saying and I tried to show her that people care about her, but she was too blinded by anger, confusion, and hurt.

I felt so unhelpful that night. I couldn’t go to her house since it was late and my parents would never allow me to. I tried my best to comfort her and tell her everything I can in my power to stop her from doing what she wants to. But there’s still that constant fear that she’ll do it anyways. After a few hours of talking, she told me to go to sleep and then went offline. I couldn’t sleep, thinking she would go to school tomorrow with new cuts on her wrists.

The following morning, the moment I stepped off the school bus I went to her classroom and hugged her. She smiled and showed me her wrists; nothing but the scars before. I hugged her again and the joy I was feeling was indescribable. I was so proud of her. She thanked me for being there and she told me how stupid she felt when she was holding the blade last night. By cutting, she wasn’t only hurting herself; she was also affecting the people around her. She told me that although she hated the whole world, she loved us, even more than she loved herself.

The message I’m trying to send out to everybody reading this? Cutting won’t solve your problems. I know I won’t be able to stop everyone who cuts, but I know very well that they can stop themselves. The first step is always the hardest, but it’s something that only you can do.

I know that I’m just this stranger to you, but if there’s anything, anything at all, that I can help you guys with, don’t be afraid to shoot me a message. Plus, you have a father in heaven who hears every word. You don’t need an internet connection to reach him, you don’t need phone credits. You just need to find the time to kneel down and talk. =)

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Amazing post Andrea!! My best friend struggled with cutting for so long and it was so, so painful to see her go through that. I just wanted to tell her how amazing she was and how loved she was by everyone around her and by God. But there's definitely the feeling that you're never doing enough. :( It feels like, no matter how much you pray and how much you tell them that they're amazing, you're never doing enough.

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"It feels like, no matter how much you pray and how much you tell them that they're amazing, you're never doing enough."
I know =( But I do believe that someday they'll see and realize that cutting isn't the answer, until then we just have to always be there for them no matter what. It's nice to know you're also there to help your best friend, she's lucky to have as you are to her. =')


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