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Hey guys! Apologies for the hiatus. I want to make this really short, but a bit meaningful. Throughout my absence from the blogoverse/blogsphere/whatever you call the blog world, I discovered and did a lot of things that I'd like to share with you guys. From books to movies to news to activities and people! So, here it goes. 


I recently finished first book of the Legend Trilogy by Marie Lu and it was very good. This book has been on my to-read pile for months and I'm really happy I decided to read it. Catch a synopsis of the book by clicking the cover! :)

Also, I'm re-reading House of Hades (the 4th installation of Heroes of Olympus Series) in preparation for the release of the 5th book, Blood of Olympus. The excitement is real!

Guys! The Maze Runner movie has been winning over foreign box offices! I watched this on the second day of screening and it was absolutely worth the looooong wait. They changed and missed a lot of things, that I must admit, but it still remained faithful to the book. The story, the excitement, and the fuel-filled plot is still there. Can't wait to watch Scorch Trials! Read about the second movie here.

I also discovered an old Zac Efron movie that I loved from the moment I watched the trailer. It's called Charlie St. Cloud, and it's definitely a must-watch! :D


I am currently planning my *toot*teenth birthday and I have decided that it will be Harry Potter themed! HP definitely has a special place in my little heart and I've always wanted to have a Potter party! These sites have helped me gather so much inspiration and motivation:

Pinterest people that I forgot to bookmark :<
"Potter Heritage" on Facebook
"Potterhead Shop" on Facebook

A very big virtual hug and thank you! And here's to hoping this will work out! :)

Unfortunately, I failed to attend this year's Manila International Book Fair. But, there's an upcoming event I would never want to miss and that issssss

If you're around the area and will be attending, scream "Draco Malfoy!" and I'll say hi haha :)

Congratulations Ravens for winning the 6th Pottermore House Cup! Sadly, Slyths ended up 4th, but we're definitely ready for one more shot.


And it's official, we're going to have Prom! Any dress suggestions? Tell me in the comments below! :D

Let me just tell you that the whole cast of The Maze Runner movie did an amazing job! Cheers to them and their major success. :D

Also, check out this cover of Amnesia (originally by 5SOS)! I had this on my playlist for days! :)

Aaaand yeah, that's it. I hope you guys had a rocking September too! Here's to a good October ahead! And thank you so much for the nominations for blogger awards, I'll do them soon. Also, many thanks to positive comments on my last post. I feel you guyyyssss! :D

With love and virtual oreos,

a 19 year old girl who firmly believes in the power and joy of writing and that the owl carrying her Hogwarts letter simply got lost.


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