Back (Again)!

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Hey! Hi! Hello! I am sooooo sorry for the long absence, but guess who's back (again)? Moi!
Literally my back on the picture.

Anyway, I am super thankful for all the online award nominations (Sunshine & Liebester), but I won't be able to post up my answers here. =( I originally typed up all my answers on my old laptop months ago, but the poor thing finally broke down and we had to bring it to tech help store thing. It got reformatted, but since it sucked so bad, my dad decided to just give it away (no I'm not really sure, but it's not here anymore sooo). I am truly sorry for all the mess. I really am very, very thankful for all the nominations. =) So a very special shout out to all the amazing people who nominated me; Ali from Aliology, Alexa from Beyond, Rhiannon from A Little Red Notebook, and Alexis from SunDuckling! Check them out these great individuals! =D

Also, guess who's got another one-shot for you guys (by 'you guys' I mean my imaginary readers)? Moi (again)! It's posted on my new wordpress blog (Adventures with Andrea), which basically houses all my stories, whether personal (like the I Wrote This For You) or fictional. If you have time, please check that out and I shall love you forever. =)

UPDATE: Site is currently under renovation as well, I'll open it up again once all the clutter's gone. Huzzah!

Enough about me, it's your turn! Yes, you! What have you been up to? How're you enjoying the cold weather? Have you started Christmas shopping? If so, any NoveCember (December + November) favorites? Share them down at the comments below!

Side note: I'm stalking the blogs I like starting today just to catch up, so fear not if you get a comment from a post two months ago or something. I missed you lovely people! Hope to read more from you all again! Also hoping to make more blog posts and add up content on this blog. Renovating soon!

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18 November 2014 at 01:25 delete

Welcome back to the world of blogging! I missed seeing posts from you and I'm glad you're back! :) It's pretty cold here right now; we have about an inch of snow on the ground already. I don't really mind it, but we're apparently in for another REALLY cold winter. Like -40 degree winter. And that makes me kinda sad. But Christmas is coming! And that makes me happy. I've already started decorating...

23 November 2014 at 04:06 delete

Awh, thanks! I missed reading posts from you too! =) Woah, a -40 degree winter? Brrr. I've ever even experienced snow before. But, yes, Christmas! And also, yes, decorations! I want to start decorating as well, but I'm still trying to find the time to. Will you be sharing how you decorated your home this year? =D


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