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Beautiful typography by Abbey Sy. =)

First of all, I apologize for posting this sooo late! But I personally think this is such a gorgeous idea, a big thank you to Ali from Aliology for tagging me! I won't spend a lot of time explaining the whole tag, but you can head over HERE (I find the need to scream that) to read Ali's explanation (which is honestly better that whatever I can come up with). To sum up things, basically, you are tagged to post Christmas-y things for 12 days within December. I am very excited for this because one, I LOVE December and two, I LOVE Christmas even more! So, join me and let us do this wonderful tag!

Seeing as it is a bit too late to tag specific people as the second week of December just rolled in, I'm just going to tag all of you reading this right this moment! I truly, truly apologize for being such a failure with all these tags. =((( I hope you will still join in even though this is posted so late. :< I'll be pestering people to do this tag as well to kinda redeem myself. =)

DAY ONE of this tag will be up tomorrow. Can't wait to read yours as well! Leave me a link down on the comments below and I'll get reading! Ta-ta for now! =D

(((Also, a side note, I was COMPLETELY unaware that my previous Monday blog posts failed to actually be posted, so guess who's getting three consecutive annoying words from meee? Yooouu!)))))

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