A Letter to the Boy on Stage

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As you sing the last lines of the song everyone's heard on the television, radio, and all over the internet, hundreds and hundreds of girls scream your name - including me. You close your eyes and softly, so softly sing the last words. The crowd goes silent and I knew. I knew they were all falling in love with you all over again just like I was. You open your eyes and smile as you scan the stadium. I've seen that smile thousands of times on posters plastered around the walls of my room, on billboards I pass on the way to school, on social media websites I visit daily - that smile was so familiar. Yet at this exact moment there is something entirely different about it. I see the passion reflected in them. You were also falling in love. But not with me. You were falling in love with everyone and everything at that exact moment. You genuinely loved what you were doing; performing, regardless of everything that was happening outside of that stadium. Inside, your dreams were happening. And with that, the dreams of a million other girls are also being fulfilled.

I look at you and I see a boy with pure talent and so much passion. I see a boy who could change people's lives by just doing what they do best. I see a boy who is in love. I'm just a face in the crowd, barely visible from where you are. To you, I'm just one of the many - millions, even - of other girls. Little do you know that you mean more than the world to me. The impact you had on my life is unbelievable. It's weird though, isn't it? How millions and millions of girls all over the world cling to the hope that one day, you might see them as something beyond a fan, a girl who you deserve and could deserve you.

I'd like to cling on to that hope too, if you don't mind.

This is a bit crappy as I wrote this on the bus ride home when I was really tired, but inspired. There's a huuge possibility that I'll rewrite this someday and tweak a few things to make it better. But, yeah, here it is for now and I hope you liked it! =)

a 19 year old girl who firmly believes in the power and joy of writing and that the owl carrying her Hogwarts letter simply got lost.


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Oh my goodness, I love this! This is absolutely beautiful!! :O And definitely true and relatable. I love seeing that look of passion on an artist's face when they're doing something they love.


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