The Comeback + Typography Sample!

Monday, February 09, 2015 0 Comments A+ a-

Nope, nope, I ain't here to make another set of false promises to stick to a blogging schedule or to write daily or to be really active. I'm here to say hi! And to apologize for yet another writing hiatus. I actually DID FINISH THE 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS TAG but had no internet connection during the holidays since we were way up in the North (Isabela, to be exact) and I was too ashamed to post them so late. Anyway, if you do want to see them, I would probably put them up here somewhere soon, but I'll let future me figure out how in the future.

Okay, so back to the main thing. I'm here to say that I'm still going to blog. But instead of establishing a strict schedule, I'll let myself decide when I want to write. I don't want to force myself to sit down and type (since all the things that I write at that moment turns to poo). So instead of treating blogging as a task, I'll treat it as a hobby. Not something that I HAVE to do, but something that I WANT to do (*claps for being so motivational*).

That's basically all I wanted to say, but I'm also gonna slip it in there that I'm taking typography more seriously now and actually started my pen collection a few weeks back to the beginning of 2015. Here's a little experiment I did with a 03 Sakura Micron Pigma and 0.7 Unipin;

It's a lyric from Check Yes, Juliet by We The Kings (the current song I CAN'T get out of my head). I'm planning on working with Zig pens pretty sure since brush pens look so fun! =D (((although I'm poor as dirt at the moment, sooo)))

I also found myself writing these short rambles about lotsa random things. It has become some kind of collection of short shitty one-shots. And of course, I'll be putting those up as well. Soon. Maybe. Probably, Yeah.

And before I forget, we have prom! Be not deceived though, I'm not exactly very keen to go, but it will be fun (or at least I hope so) and it's a great chance to bond with friends, so here's to a memorable one! =) Did a little thing..
That's all for now. Hear from ya soon!

 (I swear I'll work on a hand-written siggy, scan it, and use it. SOON!!)

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