Type, Prom Prep, and Shakespeare (AND ALL TIME LOW!)

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5 days 'til prom *sigh* I already have a dress and shoes, but I only tried it on once and not sure if too lazy or.. yeah, I'm just too lazy. I've looked up a few ideas up online but I'm still completely unsure about how I want to go with my hair and, well, face. I have zero self-confidence when wearing a dress (specially an ultra formal one) plus make-up. I've been thinking about it for days and I guess it's not too late to back out? I definitely would... If it wasn't for my promdate. I really like him and of course I'd love to see him in a tux. If only he didn't have to see me in a dress. Ugh. I really feel like I'm going to end up looking sloppy. But, hey check out this invitation one of my batchmates prepared! Everyone's still choosing an invitation design, but I really, really like this one:

Also, all prom-related things aside, I've been practicing my typography skillz for a while now and I feel great about it. I now have this special relationship with calligraphy (or type) pens and blank unlined papers. Amazing. Still can't draw for poop though.

Aside from prom and typography and, well, schoolwork, a great amount of my weekend and free time is taken by our english project. A Shakespearean movie. We're filming A Midsummer Night's Dream and I helped with the script and am also playing as a minor character. I was pretty excited about this because 1. I'm a blooming Shakespearean enthusiast, 2. I am very fond of turning Shakespeare's words into visual art (literally. Will upload some snaps soon), and 3. A chance to regain my honor.. er.. redeem myself (we failed the last time we were given the task to create a newscast about Beowulf, etc.).

idk about you, but this shot of Demetrius, Helena, Hermia, and Lysander looks great!

So, yeah, that's life right now. I wish I could tell you more exciting news, but alas, life at the moment is but fun (did I use too many buts?). What about you, fellow bloggers/readers/blog stalkers? I wanna hear about your life as well! Link me up to your blog or a specific blog post or just tell me anything down at the comments below and I'll be back soon! =)

All Time Low returns to the Philippine shores this 12th of August 2015! =) *aggresively tries to find every piece of money I can* Pulp Royalty and VIP tickets sold out within 18 minutes =(((((( but I ain't losing hope! I. AM. GOING.

'Til then!

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I've nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! http://mylifeinatab.blogspot.co.uk/2015/02/2-blog-awards_28.html
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Ohh thaanks! I'll check it out right now =)


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