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I was never one to write poems.

One, because I suck at it.

And two, because I have to google rhyming words every single time.

But here's me trying again.

somebody stop me

I desire to find the words I've never said to you before.

Not the lines from movies, poems, and books

But something so much more.

I long to discover what phrases to use

To tell you to sit back, stay, and listen.

But, really, all I had to do was choose.

I wished upon a bright star one night,

Hoping it would  hear my pleas, but then I realized

They all had nothing to do with starlight.

I look at you, smiling and fearless

For I know we'll meet again.

Because the right people are timeless.

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Hooray for 3rd grade poetry by yours truly!

I was supposed to write this poem in time for Valentine's, but haha the world knows I am never punctual. Neither am I a poet.


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