A Life Update (with Friends GIFs)

Sunday, August 28, 2016 0 Comments A+ a-

Hello, I've been MIA for too long and have decided to return, not sure about the staying part though. Anyway, I thought I'd start the comeback with a Life Update since I haven't been around for a while. Also, I haven't written anything in 3 months, so this might get weird.

I'm doing this thing with bullets so I'm probs on the right track, informal as ever.

  • Midterms are finally over which is great, but we still have these practices for a speech competition, and a bunch of requirements in a few subjects, and one last exam. Meanwhile, some teachers already began lectures for final term lessons zzz

  • I got so used to my life being this big ball of messed up smush and now I'm just

But I can't, I can't freak out so I just have to re-schedule that and do my homework first.

  • On that note, hey I made a studyblr! It's basically a tumblr that's filled with inspiration for studying, study aesthetic, and the like. I love living in the illusion that I'm getting my life in check.

  • I am so deep in emotional crap. I don't even. I don't. I.

  • I started watching Stranger Things (and I love it! And that's says a lot since I find the slightest hint of horror repelling). 

  • I'm writing stories again :)

  • August made my life miserable, basically. And this month isn't even over yet. But, that's okay. I'll be okay. I've made it this far, and I'll make it even further (farther?). 

I know these all sound pretty negative, but trust me, I'm doing really fine given all the crap being thrown at me (this one, not so literal). I finished friends for the 2nd time (and I'm going for a 3rd), my puppy, which is not so much a puppy anymore, is healthy and fluffy and so so loved, and although my relationship might just be crumbling down (as well as my grades), I'm doing my best to hold up.

I've broken down several times this month, but there were also happy moments of course (albeit a very small number) that made me want to continue.

I apologize for such a negative(-ish) post. I really wanted to end on a positive note and hopefully I did. 

Oh, oh and I started painting again!

Hope ya'll are doing fine and don't forget to hold on tight, this ride is a wild one. ;)


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