Autumnal Equinox

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My mom once told me that our lives and everything that happens on Earth are connected. I never really understood what she was trying to say. I mean, sure it's connected. We're people, people live on Earth, everything that happens on Earth is connected to the people living in it.

I think I understand her better now.

You could go about taking this differently, but I'm going to use the four astronomical seasons of the year; Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. These seasons exist because the Earth decides (let's pretend it has a choice) to continue its yearly orbit around the Sun. Just like how these four seasons happen in my life because I choose to wake up every morning.

Spring is the drawing of a field full of different flowers and bees and ladybugs and animals from an illustrated book for children. Spring is melting snow, warmer weather, and going outside for a stroll. Spring is walking inside a room in the middle of September*, seeing you, and smiling to myself because it's a new day and I get to say hi to you again.

Then again, Spring also means more rain and sometimes no rain at all. Spring means school (and boy, do I hate school) and homework and work in general. Spring means waking up from a long slumber (for animals, anyway). Spring means seeing you and the only word that comes out is "Hi" because I'm shy and you are too. But that's okay because after Spring comes Summer.

Summer means no school. Summer means going on road trips with family and friends, going to the beach, swimming in pools, or if you're like me, Summer means staying inside the house and binge-watching FRIENDS while eating ice cream. Summer also means late nights talking to you about cartoons and One Direction songs and future jobs.

But just like Spring, Summer has its downsides; hot weather and sweating gallons - even without exercise. Summer means having to wear a lot of sunscreen, sometimes not being able to go outside because it's just too hot, and having to need that aircon or fan on high all the time. Summer also means not seeing you.

After Summer though, yay Autumn! This is my absolute favorite season despite the fact that I only know how nice Autumn is because of the internet. Autumn means that wonderful crunching sound leaves make when you step on them. Autumn means Pumpkin Spice Lattes (let's pretend I'm allowed to drink caffeine) and cool sweaters. Autumn means Thanksgiving and colder weather. Autumn means I know a lot of little things about you and I can't get you out of my head.

Autumn also has, you guessed it, downsides. Autumn means plants going dormant. Sure the orange glow of everything seems nice at first, but too much of it just makes it less of a glow and more of a dull orange. Autumn means running out of things to talk about. Autumn means small talk.

Winter means snow, Christmas, Christmas songs, Christmas trees, Christmas lights, and chilling by the fireplace with hot chocolate in hand.

Winter means saying goodbye even if it means not knowing why and where it went wrong.

If there's anything these seasons taught me about life, it's that it isn't fair. Just like an autumnal equinox - when the day and night are of equal duration, it only happens twice in three hundred and sixty-five days. Life is fair only so rarely. Life is a wheel that will keep on turning even if I don't want it to.

Thanks, mom.

*the hell is this girl talking about?? Spring isn't in September??? yes well my country does not get a Spring lol so september is spring for me ok shh

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Cossette Chan
4 November 2016 at 23:20 delete

Well I'll be damned, I simply love your eloquence <3 Wise words, these are. And yeah, spring is also a nonexistent thing where I live... It's only rain or not rain, hot weather or SWELTERING. So yes, spring would be whenever I/we want it to be LOL

(same with autumn)

The last part , the bit about the autumnal equonox, really got me though. Yeah life is almost never fair, but during the rare moments that it is, I'd relish it while it lasts, and so when it turns again I'll have something nice to hold onto. This is a beautiful piece, keep up all the awesome writing whooooo~~ :D


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