A Birthday Greeting For A British Sweetheart

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Heya! I have a lot to post today once again to make up for the past week, but I want to dedicate a blog post for another idol of mine who is celebrating his birthday today. Yepp, it’s none other than 1/5 of the biggest boy band in the planet, Zayn Malik! Again, here is a photo I took from One Direction Philippines street team. So, once again, credits to them and their amazing officers who endlessly support my fangirling needs.

I’ve been a fan of One Direction since March 2012. I’ve learned a lot since then. One of which is to never lower yourself to others. Directioners receive a lot of hate from people and mostly a lot of other fandoms. Of course it’s inevitable that we fight back. But, I’ve learned that that’s not always the choice. In fact, it is never the choice. People are entitled to their own opinions and we do not control what they are supposed to like or think of others.

One Direction consists of 5 normal lads who are living their dreams. A lot of people support them, but a fair number of people don’t. This, we cannot change. They are most definitely not perfect, no matter what you say, they have their flaws and insecurities, despite being huge popstars.

It’s all about a simple mentality; Think about the love, Forget about the hate. They can’t please everyone, and we’re no different.

Watch out for the next posts! J

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