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Before anything else, I want to greet everyone a Happy New Year! Time flies by so fast, don’t you agree? It seems like 2013 was just yesterday [ironically it really is]. Anyways, since January is the month for new beginnings, I have decided to start my very own blog! Now, what will be the content of the blog, you ask? Well, anything under the sky, I guess. I’ve been told by a lot (mostly relatives) of people hoe keeping a blog would be fun and it would help me practice, not only my writing skills, but also time management, patience, and the lot.

I really would like to regularly keep a schedule in updating, but seeing that it’s close to impossible for me to be able to update daily, I set up all the alarms on my phone (I’m serious) to alert me every Monday, Friday, and the weekends to write about how my week went and such. Hopefully I can stick to that schedule. Fingers crossed.

Now, about how the blog looks, I’m currently taking up online lessons on graphic designing and I’m also going through my old textbooks on HTML to be able to give the place a better look. I also applied for a graphic artist/video editor spot at a certain street team for this certain band, so I kinda really have to take up graphic designing right now.

Lastly, I want to apologize for grammatical errors you might spot on my blog entries since English isn’t my mother tongue. It would really be helpful if you kindly point out the mistakes you might find, so that I won’t repeat them the next time, yes?

Okay, that’s about it, I guess. Thanks for taking time to read this. I’m probably talking to no one but myself, but whatever. Let’s cheers to the start of something new! J
See you on Friday, mmkay? :D
The Sempiternal Reader,


a 19 year old girl who firmly believes in the power and joy of writing and that the owl carrying her Hogwarts letter simply got lost.


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Your Blog is amazing!! (You commented on one of my posts and I was like "hmm I'll go check her out") Anyway, if English is your second language. . . Well you're doing a really good job with it!!!!! Because I'm fairly sure I make more grammar mistakes than you and I live in America.
Anyway. I tend to talk too much so I'm gonna leave it here.
Thanks for this awesome blog :D

29 May 2014 at 23:17 delete

Awwh! Thank you! I like going around the blogoverse and commenting on a LOT of blog posts and I'm glad I found your blog! :)) Psh I used to make loads of grammatical errors, but people were kind enough to bear with me. Hahaha. :)))
Oh and it's fine. I love long comments since I tend to write one up myself. Hahaha. Thanks again for visiting my blog! Hoping to read more from yours too! :D


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