Christmas Gift Ideas For Him

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If it wasn't obvious yet, of course I don't actually intend to take this list seriously (really though, do I even take anything seriously?). Again, this post is meant to be just really fun (I try). Well, for one, I'm only turning 17 and don't actually have a stable source of income apart from my parents. Also, just letting you know first hand that I am the world's suckiest gift giver. I mean it.

Watch me attempt and fail to make a "Gift Ideas for Him" post. Let us begin!

For starters, I think that Yoda card is good for any given occasion. And it ain't just for him too. Give it to everyone you love.

Anyway, the next one isn't even remotely Christmas-y, but I found it a few weeks ago on Pinterest and I found it... interesting. 

Not that I find actual violence interesting, but the drawing skills are nice. A+.

Sure Andrea, start a Christmas-y post with a photo of a body torn in half.

Anyway, let's get it on. If your man or dad or whoever "him" you wish to refer to when you began reading this blog post (I do comment you for getting this far) wishes to grow a wonderful beard, get them a knitted beard! Or, better, make them a knitted beard!

If you're significant other doesn't think this is one of the best gifts ever, he's living a lie.

This next one I actually really like. Most of the time when I ask people what they want for Christmas they answer me with "Nothing" so here is someone finally deciding to actually do it.

Make way for more beard humor.

I found this really nice too. I want to give each family member this gift because let's face it, family, we all have really really... explosive (?!) farts.

Not that boys are the only ones who fart. But, yeah, you could give this to him.

Almost everything before this shirt were gender neutral gifts, so here. A t-shirt.

This seems like a very interesting book. Not sure where you can get this, but you could probably make your own. Or something. 

This post is a mess.

I don't even have a caption for this. I just thought this would be pretty cool to joke on about. Like if I were to ask my significant other to do boring stuff with me and he would flash this in my face and shake it.

We'd have a laugh. Or I'd punch him.

None of the aforementioned gifts were even Christmas-y. And a lot were gender neutral. And this post is just a mess. So here's a quite serious one. They're printables that you could actually give to your significant other on Christmas!

You can get these here.

My life is a mess and so is this post.

9 days 'til Christmas!

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