Steam Summer Sale: Game Recommendations

     Only a bit over a week left 'til the end of Steam summer sale, so I thought I'd whip up a blog post talking about some game recommendations because why not, right? I think a disclaimer is needed though, I ain't no gamer. I consider myself kind of like a casual.. uh.. player? But I do have a knack for finding [and completely obsessing over (so much for casual lol)] games with good art, pretty awesome plot, and cool freaking characters.

The Best June 2017 Pick-Me-Ups

      I don't know about you guys, but June was shit to me. School literally started a few days into June and I already had to say hi to my old friends stress and all nighters on the 2nd week. The first few weeks of school were already so full of requirements and lectures. I died around 17 times.

     It wasn't all that bad though, with the help of some amazing literature, music, and movies, I was able to pick myself up from the ground (literally) and haul ass to July. Here are the best pick-me-ups of June 2017.

Visiting the Pinto Art Museum in Antipolo

((Been working on this post for 2 months and today I've decided to hell with it, I'll just post whatever I've finished before I decide to completely rid the world of this post))

I've been spending a lot of time outside and no, it's not because I'm out partying or going on cool outdoor adventures. It's because I'm studying for college entrance tests in several review centers. I have classes every other day and I'm mostly doing homework in between, so I literally have no time for anything else.

Thankfully, last April 28th was a holiday! My mom, my sister, and I decided to go to the Pinto Museum in Antipolo.

Seeing Sarah Kay and Phil Kaye Perform Live!

photo via Shutterpanda

It's 12:42AM, I just got home about half an hour ago, I still have morning classes tomorrow, but I know one thing for sure — I have to write this down. I'm afraid that if I hold it off, I'll forget the genuine feelings I'm feeling (there are a /lot/).

Why Do You Read?

Why do you read? Has always been one of the most recurring questions I get from almost everyone I encounter. I guess it's a pretty reasonable question, I mean, reading takes up so much time, it strains your eyes, and it's expensive! I definitely understand when people ask why I do it so much.

005: In Which I Just Write About How I Feel

I have been spending so much time writing, but not because it's NaNoWriMo. It's not even because I want to keep this blog alive again. I've been writing so much trying to convince myself that maybe I'll be able to write out all the sadness inside me. I've written poems (shitty ones), stories, one-shots, letters, and all the other forms I could think of. So, tell me, please tell me, why am I still sad?

004: Things I Wish You Had Said Instead of Sorry

Yesterday I somehow managed to burn popcorn in a microwave, forget to turn off a faucet for a full hour, and today skipped school because no matter how much my alarm blared this morning I just couldn't find the willpower to face the world.

This is a post about the things I wish you had said instead of "Sorry" when I was on the lowest point I have ever been.